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The David Suzuki Green Business Ambassador is now closed, but I still love to help homeowners think green. Get in touch with me if you'd like to learn more about how to buy and sell in an environmentally conscious way!

I was asked to join the dynamic group of David Suzuki ambassadors because of my commitment to the environment, both at home and at work. The green business ambassadors are a group of volunteers who go out to workplaces around greater Vancouver and Toronto and facilitate workshops. We help businesses help themselves through a series of interactive activities to green their business.

Greening a workplace is a necessary and very achievable goal which in turn builds moral, team power and deep satisfaction.

When I joined the real estate industry it was vital to me to bring the environment to the forefront. It all started with contracting a fantastic company, Saul's Good Gifts to create a unique and amazing client gift box made of pine beetle wood etched with my branding created by the talented Angela Chan, principal of Angela Chan Design.

A group of women from the downtown east side are taught and employed to do the engraving. I fill these fantastic goodie-boxes with local, "green" products for the home. Everything from cleaning products, wine, chocolate, books and gifts will be found in the unique and re-usable gift caddy. Needless to say they are always appreciated by my buyers and sellers!

Having 2 young children I feel it is my responsibility to help leave the world a better place for the generations to follow, and the ambassador program is my way of giving back.

I would encourage you to visit the David Suzuki ambassador web site and continue to do your part. There is no Planet B.

- Merideth Schutter, Vancouver Realtor

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